Pockets of Peace

Pockets of Peace

In the midst of all the chaos we wanted to slow it down, don’t forget to think about YOU this holiday season.

Last week, we asked you what your favourite ways to relax and unwind were and we are obsessed with your replies! 

We’ve put together the very best, and you can find them all here…

Relax, unwind & enjoy x

1. Drink a coffee and watch the ocean...

Just the thought of this relaxes us! Whilst we aren't lucky enough to live with ocean views every day, sitting in our favourite spot with our favourite coffee is absolutely one of our favourite ways to take 5.

2. Painting my nails...

Never underestimate the benefits of giving yourself some TLC. Shut the door, put your favourite music on and focus on yourself - even if it is just for 10 minutes, you'll feel so much better after!

3. Meditation / Exercise...

Putting your phone down and focusing on doing nothing but moving your body can do wonders for your mental health. Whether it's getting outside for a walk, meditation or an at home HIT workout. You will feel so accomplished after!

4. A long shower or hot bath...

We couldn't compile this list without mentioning a relaxing bath! Definitely one of our favourite ways to unwind, make sure you take out all of your favourite products and really give yourself a pamper! 

5. Reading your favourite book...

Reading should never be underestimated, getting lost in a good book is absolutely one of our favourite things to do!

6. Giving your handbags some TLC...

Much like treating yourself, giving your favourite accessories some care and attention really can be so relaxing! Cleansing and removing any marks / stains and noticing the amazing results will make you feel so accomplished. Maybe a new accessory isn't on your horizon at the moment, by taking time to look, value and appreciate your existing collection, you really will fall in love with it all over again. 

(Or, if you are lucky enough to have a new bag on the way, caring for your existing collection will ensure your bags are safely cleansed & stored, allowing you to wear your new bag everywhere you go!)

My top tip - If I have a bag I know is looking a little shabby and perhaps I haven't been using for that reason, once I have spent a little time giving the bag some care and attention, not only am I blown away by how much better the bag looks, I also can't wait to use my handbag which looks like new again! - Please try this, I promise it will be the case :)

We hope you have enjoyed our pockets of peace and that you can take some time for you these holidays!


Katelyn & Team HDL x

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