Breaking News: Another CC Price Increase!

Breaking News: Another CC Price Increase!

As of 27th March, 2024 Chanel have increased their prices Internationally.

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you - it's happened again! 🤯

Before we get into the details, Bruno Pavlovsky, President of Fashion at Chanel, told WWD, “Price increases can become an issue when the quality doesn’t match the cost,” insisting that the House works hard to increase the quality & craft of it's products.

The increase affects *most* handbags, however we have good news if you have a Wallet on Chain or a 22 on your wish list as these seem to have been unaffected. (As a lover of both styles, this pleases me)!

As expected, the classic Flap Bags have all been affected:

USA $ Have been hit hard with an average of 5-8% increase

GBP £ Definitely seems to have come out the best, with an average increase of 3-4%

Somewhere in the middle we find EUR

So.. What does this mean for you, your collection & future purchases?

It seems outrageous to say, but this price increase could have been far worse if previous years are anything to go by, where we've seen increases on average of 16%!

Bruno Pavlovsky maintains his confidence in that Chanel affectionados will remain loyal to the brand.

Will you? 💔

We'll keep updating this story as more prices become available. 

& It goes without saying, if you aren't caring for your accessories now is the time to start!

Did you know, your handbags condition can affect up to 70% of it's value? 🤯

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