Can Caviar Leather get wet?!

Can Caviar Leather get wet?!

Caviar + Water?!

Well.. We used our brand new WHITE WOC to find out…

Holding our brand new Chanel handbag under a running tap!

Holding a brand new $5,000 handbag under a running tap isn’t something we take lightly (trust me 🥲) BUT we had to show you just how much faith we have in our Water & Stain Guard!

When I tell you that I wouldn’t have bought this white WOC if it had not been for our Water & Stain Guard - I MEAN IT!

By protecting my new handbag with our Water & Stain Guard, I have created an invisible barrier of protection against:

Water, Marks & Stains AND Colour Transfer!

So… Protect your favourite accessories with our Water & Stain Guard and don’t worry if you get caught in the rain! ☔

Shop Here - Your handbags will thank us - we promise! ☔

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