How to safely store your handbags!

How to safely store your handbags!

Handbag & Shoe care isn’t something to just think about whilst you are using your accessories - we’ve honestly seen more damage to handbags during storage than at any other time!

How you store your accessories is incredibly important, which is why we wanted to share with you our top 3 tips!


1. Store away from direct sunlight

Over time the sun will bleach your handbags, whether it’s material, canvas or leather - all will become faded and leather will begin to dry and crack prematurely. I have two windows in the room I store my handbags in and have shutter blinds on each which allow me to totally control the level of sunlight and block out when needed.


2. Allow your accessories to air

This is particularly important if you live in a humid environment.

My accessories are all stored in cabinets with glass doors. I regularly open all the doors and the windows in the room to allow the air to circulate. It's really important to do this to avoid stale and stagnant air which can leave your accessories with that awful musky smell. Additionally I also have a humidity and temperature monitor in the room. If you keep your handbags in their dust bags, taking them out to let them air every so often is definitely beneficial. 

TOP TIP -  Another thing I always do is to have a few of our Deodorising Capsules dotted around the shelves and inside certain handbags. Our Deodorising Capsules will help to absorb any additional moisture whilst inhibiting the growth of bacteria and giving off a gentle, fruity fragrance - these really are a game changer! Shop them here!


3. Take off any straps, charms etc.

I’ve always been in the habit of taking off any cross body straps etc on my handbags whilst storing and either placing them on the shelf next to my handbag or if safe, inside my handbag. However, recently, I noticed some marks on my Fendi Baguette..! After using it I had taken off the long cross body strap, but without thinking had left the small top handle on the bag. Whilst in storage the clasp and the D ring had been catching against one another and tarnished, which led to black tarnish marks on the light pink leather!

I was really shocked as I just hadn’t even considered the small top handle! Luckily, I had our Cleansing Wipes to hand and they quickly removed the marks but I’ve definitely learnt my lesson and will now always ensure any removable straps are taken off!

You can watch the video here!

It really does go without saying - ensuring your accessories are stored safely is SO important!

Hope you found our top tips helpful! 

We’d absolutely love to know if you have any of your own - you can let us know by adding a comment below or, heading to our Instagram here!

Love Katelyn & Team HDL


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