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When it comes to luxury handbags, Louis Vuitton stands as an iconic brand renowned for its timeless elegance and craftsmanship.
Dating back to 1854 the brand originally began as a luggage business and to this day we see this rich history carried forward in their designs.
The iconic Monogram Canvas is instantly recognisable, finished with it’s light Vachetta trim which is so quintessentially Louis Vuitton. 
Now, if you have not owned a Louis Vuitton handbag before you will be unfamiliar with how easily this Vachetta Leather marks & stains - or perhaps you have and you are here for a solution! (We’ve got you covered!)
The reason why this leather marks & stains so incredibly easily? Because it’s untreated, allowing any liquids to be absorbed deep within the leather.
As Louis Vuitton lovers ourselves we’ve faced the heartbreak of our gorgeously light Vachetta leather being subjected to marks & stains - no matter how hard we tried to avoid it! Which is why we created our Canvas & Vachetta Bundle!
If you love (or know anyone who loves) Louis Vuitton - this is the bundle they need!
Containing our *magic* Water & Stain Guard which will create an invisible barrier of protection on your Vachetta Leather - & we’ve put this to the test!!
Holding a brand new LV handbag under a running tap!
Show this to any LV Lover and be prepared for a gasp! Because truly they will know that ANY liquid is the enemy of Vachetta.
Not only does our bundle contain our Stain Guard, it also contains our Cleansing Wipes, Gentle Foam Cleanser & our Nourishing UV Conditioner to use on both the Canvas & Vachetta = Everything any LV Lover will need, to ensure their handbags stay looking their best for many years to come!
Canvas & Vachetta Bundle
PSA: Although the iconic Canvas we all know and love is super durable, it can be prone to cracking! Our UV Nourishing Conditioner will gently nourish whilst also containing a UV Filter which will help to protect the Canvas from the damaging suns rays which lead to premature ageing and cracking!
As an added BONUS, each bundle contains our Bespoke Guides - giving all of our top tips & guidance on how exactly to use each product, with a QR code for application videos too!
& If you are looking to elevate your bundle and add on the EASIEST way to apply all of our products - add our gorgeously soft & luxe pink Application Mitt Here
Old vs new Vachetta
Looking to shop for individual bottles? No problem!
Neo Noe Review

Worried about humidity & bacteria?

Our Antibacterial Cleanser is a match made in heaven for both Canvas & Leathers! 
It will safely cleanse whilst removing bacteria and helping to protect against mold and mildew & works hand in hand with our Large Application Mitt!
Antibacterial Cleanser to safely cleanse Canvas

Elevate your accessories…

Our collection of Handbag Charms were designed to compliment your LV!
Pastel Fleur Handbag Charm 
Fleur Rose Handbag Charm
Shop all of our handbag charms here!
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