Denim Dreams!

Denim Dreams!

We don’t know about you but Denim seems to be EVERYWHERE right now and we can see this being a big trend over the Summer!

When doing our research, we were shocked that almost every fashion house seems to be launching styles in Denim - and we’re here for it!

Do you own any Denim pieces, or do you plan to purchase any?

If so… You need to know this!

Similar to colour transfer (Denim Clothes against a light coloured handbag) Denim handbags can result in the reverse!

Which is why we would always recommend protecting any Denim style with our Water & Stain Guard!

Water and Stain Guard Bottle

This will create an invisible barrier of protection which means your Denim accessories will stay protected, whilst also ensuring they do not transfer onto any other accessories / clothing / car interiors!

Shop as an individual bottle here

Or shop our Fabric, Embroidered & Denim bundle here!

Contains everything to safely cleanse, protect & prolong your accessories!


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