How to care for the bags you've been buying!

How to care for the bags you've been buying!

One of our new favourite features on our Instagram is asking you at the end of each month if you've made any new purchases!
We thought a great follow up of this would be to pick a couple and offer our care recommendations!

The LV Mini Capucines

The LV Mini Capucines

We have loved the Capucines collection from the start! 

‘Named after Louis Vuitton’s very first store in Paris, the Capucines has established itself as one of the Maison’s most sophisticated models and the perfect canvas for seasonal variations.’

Currently available in the mini size, the Capucines BB & the Capucines MM

The Capucines is available in a wide variety of different leathers and finishes although the most popular seems to be Taurillon leather. We would recommend the following care regime for this gorgeously soft leather:

Our cleansing foam used alongside either our application mitt or horse hair brush, both of these are soft enough to use on the finest leathers safely. 

Followed by our Nourishing UV Conditioner, the bold colours of the Capucines should rightly be protected from premature ageing, our nourishing conditioner gently conditions leather whilst also protecting against sun damage, apply using our application mitt. 

Lastly, finish with our ever popular water & stain guard to prevent against water marks, colour transfer and general soiling, apply using our application mitt.

The Prada Bucket Bag

The Prada Bucket Bag 

‘Defined by its drawstring closure, this shoulder bag is made of Re-Nylon: a regenerated nylon yarn (ECONYL®)produced from recycled, purified plastic trash collected in the ocean, fishing nets and textile waste fibers.’

We absolutely love the range of pastel & classic colour options available with this bag and the leather trim adds the perfect amount of luxe!

You can cleanse both the Nylon & Leather trim using either our gentle or power foam, you will achieve far superior results when applying with our horse hair brush

Nylon should not be conditioned so we would only recommend conditioning the leather trim, apply our nourishing UV conditioner using our application mitt

Again, lastly finish with our Water & Stain guard, we would recommend creating a fine mist over the entire bag, spraying from around 20-30cms, have our application mitt handy to wipe off any excess from the hardware & leather trim. 

Our recommended care products for the LV Capucines & The Prada Nylon Bucket Bag

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