Are handbags a wise investment?

Are handbags a wise investment?

It’s no denying that price increases have become something which luxe lovers have to endure - particularly over the past couple of years!

There is huge debate on whether handbags truly can be a wise investment with many arguments either way.

Classic Chanel Handbag

Originally launched back in 1955 this bag cost just $220, fast forward to 2022 this handbag now retails for $9,500 an eye watering increase of 4218%! 

Even more shockingly back in 2010 - just 12 years ago, this bag retailed for $2,850, prices have since increased more than 233%

LV Neverfull

Back in just 2012 - a mere 10 years ago, this bag cost $850, whereas in 2022 it now retails for $2030 - an almost 139% increase!

Whether you purchase your handbags to use forever with no intention of selling or, are mindful of prices when purchasing, one thing is for sure, price increases are not going anywhere, in fact as we write this we’ve been informed of LV increasing their prices today!

Perhaps it’s ‘currency adjustments’ ‘inflation’ or, a very clever tactic to retain exclusivity and have us all rushing out to purchase before said price increases…

Personally, I am mindful of my collections value and like to ensure my handbags are kept in good condition should I consider selling in the future. I find caring for my handbags therapeutic and am always reassured when I know they are protected with our Hardware Protectors and Water & Stain Guard.

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**finishes blog and heads immediately to the LV website…**

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