Is Mid-Range the New Luxury?

Is Mid-Range the New Luxury?

With what feels like never ending price increases coming from the main luxury brands, is 2023 the year we should be considering alternatives?

As fashion trends have evolved, so has the cost of luxury bags. Over the past decade prices for some styles have skyrocketed an astonishing 300% making so many of us second think about that next luxury purchase...

But what exactly is Mid Range?

Described by Purse Blog as - “pricier than Zara, cheaper than Prada,”

Mid-range labels could offer the perfect balance between luxury and accessible pricing - without sacrificing style. It's a way to stand out from mass market trends while still getting premium quality products.

Ranging between roughly $200 and $800 / £150 - £650, mid range styles are priced considerably lower than their luxe alternatives and interestingly can offer the same level of quality and craftsmanship than bags purchased from the main fashion houses - who have been subject to criticism of increased prices matched with decreased quality over the past several years. 

What's your take on Mid Range handbags and accessories, will you be adding any pieces to your collection?

I have purchased handbags from Marc Jacobs, Polene & DeMellier over the past year and have been incredibly pleased with their quality, packaging and overall design. Each are extremely wearable and I have enjoyed using them all.

On a personal note, my mum loved my Marc Jacobs Tote so much she has now claimed this for herself, and I gifted my lovely girl co-workers the MJ Tote for their  Christmas and they were delighted!

Regardless of whether your handbag cost hundreds or thousands, these are still important pieces that deserve to be protected & cherished. 

Our Marc Jacob, Polene & DeMellier hardware protectors have been SO popular since we first launched them, you can shop these here!

Our number one rule is protect! Always make sure your new accessories are protected against water marks, oils, colour transfer and so much more with our Water & Stain Guard - shop here!

We'd love to know your thoughts on this topic, head over to our Instagram here and let us know!


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  • Breda Kavanagh

    Do you offer protectors for Ferragamo iconic top handle bag..?
    This bag has been increasingly popular. I paid €2100 for mine and would love to protect the Gancini clasp🤗

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