Summer travel diaries...

Summer travel diaries...

From bustling London, to the chic streets of Paris, to sunny California and tropical Miami.. We're having a summer to remember here at HDL!

Which got us thinking... The shopping! & Where really is THE best to head to?

Oxford Street, London

Champs-Élysées, Paris

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

& Miami Design District  

All adorned with our absolutely favourite brands and stores, but which is your favourite and which are on your wish-list to visit?

Did you know?

Oxford Street in London, one of the most famous shopping streets in the world, was once a Roman road! Originally known as the Via Trinobantina, it connected Colchester to Hampshire. Today, it's home to over 300 shops, making it the busiest shopping street in Europe.

The Champs-Élysées in Paris, often dubbed "the world's most beautiful avenue," was originally fields and market gardens. It wasn't until the 17th century that it was transformed into the grand avenue we know today, stretching 1.9 kilometers and linking the Arc de Triomphe with the Place de la Concorde.

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, famous for its luxury shops and celebrity sightings, was once a bridle path named after the Spanish word "rodeo," meaning "round-up" or "cattle drive." Today, it's synonymous with high fashion and opulence, attracting shoppers from all over the world.

The Miami Design District, renowned for its sleek architecture and upscale boutiques, was once a pineapple farm in the early 20th century. Today, it's a vibrant hub for art, fashion, and design, featuring a unique mix of luxury retail, art galleries, and innovative dining experiences.

PSA: Travelling with your luxe...

Over the years of travelling, we've picked up some important tips for when it comes to travelling with your favourite accessories...

  1. Use Dust Bags and Pouches: Pack your handbags in dust bags to protect them from scratches and dust. Store smaller accessories like jewelry in padded pouches.

  2. Stuff and Shape: Stuff handbags with tissue paper or bubble wrap to maintain their shape during travel. If safe to do so, I also try to pack smaller handbags inside larger - ie a Book Tote is great for storing a few smaller handbags!

  3. Hand-Carry Valuable Items: Keep your most valuable handbags and accessories in your carry-on luggage to prevent loss or damage in checked baggage. I have never and will never check in one of my luxury handbags.

  4. Avoid Overpacking: Don't overfill your handbag to avoid stretching or damaging it. Use separate cases for toiletries to prevent spills.

  5. Insurance and Documentation: Consider travel insurance that covers luxury items and keep copies of receipts and appraisals for expensive accessories. This can also be super important for customs when you are returning home, to prove you owned your accessories before your trip.

  6. Climate Consideration: Be mindful of the destination's climate. Use our Water & Stain Guard if traveling to humid or rainy locations and always have our Cleansing Wipes to hand!

  7. Be Discreet: In certain areas, it might be safer to avoid displaying high-end accessories to prevent theft. 

We hope these tips help you travel confidently and safely with your luxe!

⛔️  Warning ‼️ ⛔️ 

During my most recent flight, my makeup leaked ALL over my Hermes Purse - thank goodness I had a Cleansing Wipe to hand! Make sure you always have one to hand for any accidental spills or colour transfer, they really can save your accessories!

We'd love to know if you've any tips to add or if there are any locations we need to visit! Somewhere we absolutely can't wait to visit is the Louis Vuitton hotel in Paris which is currently being built!

If this is their building facade, we can't wait to see the finished results...


Would you stay here? We'd love to know!

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