Chanel Price Increase 2023

Chanel Price Increase 2023

It’s been a few months since Chanel increased their prices, so should we really be surprised at this news?!

This time, they’ve gone ALL out and increased prices in the USA, UK & Europe - no one has been spared!

We've put together this table to show you the exact price increases of their most popular styles...

Are you ready?

Will this make you rethink your next Chanel purchase?

If we've learnt anything from the *significant* price increases we've seen in past years, it's that it's now more important than ever to care for the styles we already own!

Personally, I am a huge fan of the Pre-Loved market and will continue to shop this way, I'll also be giving my current Chanel Collection just that extra little bit of TLC.

Did you know, the condition of your handbag can add (or deduct) as much as 50% of the overall value?

We have our best selling Lambskin & Calfskin bundle here which I use regularly on my Chanel Collection, it contains everything you'd need & also comes with it's own bespoke guide.

We hope we don't have to report on another increase like this for a while, but when Chanel is concerned... Who knows!

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