Breaking News: International Chanel Price Increase

Breaking News: International Chanel Price Increase

As of September 1st 2023 Chanel have increased their prices Internationally. 

So far, these price increases have affected Australia, Japan & China - will Europe, USA & The UK follow shortly is the question on everyones minds. 

Dubbed a 'price adjustment' in order to maintain global harmonisation in pricing. Chanel sets to ensure their prices are maintained Internationally despite currency fluctuations. Meaning, a Classic Flap should cost the same irregardless of where you purchase (local taxes aside).

However, taking into consideration the Small Classic now costs $16,210 AUD which compares to roughly $10,475 USD (Current price in USD: ) this looks like more of a price increase. 

What does this mean for you?

If your country has not yet been affected by these price increases, will you seek to make any purchases right away?

We'd love to know your thoughts!

You can check out the full price increases per country below:

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Australia Chanel Price Increase
Japan Chanel Price Increase



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